Request attachments to be distributed by RAV, PEC and WKSP means (inc. Noticeboard/ForceNet/FB). It would be great to get maximum RAV members and families attending (maybe even gain some new RAV Mbrs!).

The two dates (Sun 27 Oct & 11 Nov 19) are great opportunities for all our trade members to review the final production of WWI Krupp Gun restoration, and/or take pride of their workmanship. Do understand Remembrance Day is a work day, so Sunday it likely to have more numbers.

Both are days are fully funded for free morning tea & coffee. The Sunday is also set up for all age families as part of Veterans' Health Week; with Mental Wellness family activities like Children Art provided by Australian National Veteran Art Museum (ANVAM).

I have also requested formally to allow distribution of flyers onto local noticeboards. So we can put up copies of the VHW around VBM, DPM, PEC and ATS. I have start displaying in DPM.

Regards - Peter 


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