Annual General Meeting (Delayed from 2020), RAEME Belated Birthday.

Today's meeting saw the following committee re elected into the association, with the exception of Alex Birrel as secretary, who has stepped down.

President - Allan Hawkins

Vice President - Peter Crosby.

Secretary - Alan Rogers

Treasurer - Aranka Illia

Committee members - 

Mike Newbond & 

Morgan Cornelius.

A very big thank you to Alex for doing a stellar job as secretary.


Today also saw the Craftsman of the year award receipients recieve the honours for ARES & ARA Craftsman of the Year, 

with - 

The 2020 ARES National and Southern Region Craftsman of the Year
CFN Sviatoslav Ponomarev - 105 WKSP COY 4 CSSB &
The 2020 ARA Southern Region Craftsman of the Year
CFN Charles Ward - 105 WKSP COY 4 CSSB.
Thier awards were received on their behalf by Cpl Robbie Watkins, who received the award from Brig Ermert.
The new RAEME cross was also unvailed for the Shrine's Remembrance Day ceremony.
Additional photos are available via the link to the gallery.
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