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 The "Corps of Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers" (AEME) was created to repair facilities of the Ordnance Corps (AAOC) and the Service Corps (RAASC) on 1st December 1942. In 1948, in recognition of the Corps' performance during World War 2, King George VI granted the Corps the title "Royal"

On the 7th December 1945, the Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Association (Victorian Division) had themselves registered and in fact became the Office of the proposed Federal (National) body of the AEME Association in Australia, (but never formalized the Victorian Division).

History documentation tells us that the only two Associations who have continued uninterrupted over the past 64 years have been the Victorian and Tasmanian Associations, now no longer affiliated.

The AEME Association (Vic Division) was formed in 1945. In November 1948 the EME Corps (UK) was granted the title "Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers" by King George the VI. In November 1949 history tells us the Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers was granted the title "Royal Corps of Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers" making us the only "Royal Corps" in the Australian Army at that time. Later without consultation with our Corps director the "Royal Corps" title was withdrawn. We then became known as "The Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Corps" The AEME Association (Vic Division) (under the Companies Act) already being formed wanted to attach The "Royal" title a letter was raised to Parliament for approval to add the "Royal" title to the AEME Association this request was granted in 1961. On having the title granted, minutes from the past tell us that as the majority of members were ex AEME Soldiers, it was agreed that the Association became the AEME/RAEME Association and that was the way it continued until February 1991. It was felt at that time that the Association needed to protect the committee and its members and should have the Association Incorporated and of course if the committee of the time had not taken that path it most likely would have not survived due to government regulations, so to bring it forward our predecessors agreed to disband the AEME/RAEME Association and reform it as the RAEME Association Vic Inc, however although name changes occurred the Victorian branch of the RAEME Association has been active and ongoing since it was first formed in 1945, a credit to all those past and present members who were diligent enough to see it through all those years and it continues to grow today with 3 Chapters now active in our State.

 We have a primary role to foster and develop spirit and tradition throughout the RAEME Corps in Victoria and surrounding Rural Areas. This is achieved by the Association through the involvement of members in social, military and Corps events in Victoria. The Association is open to all ranks and membership is automatic for serving and ex-serving RAEME Corps and REME British Commonwealth Defense Forces members, who are eligible for Association Membership.

 We have established regular contact with our sister AEME/RAEME/RAEME Vietnam Associations in ACT, N.S.W, S.A, W.A. and Tasmania. In addition, contact has also been established with The REME Associations in the U.K. Canada and REME Association (S.A.) Branch.

The patron saint of RAEME is St. Eligius - (c. 588 – 1 December 660) - the patron saint of goldsmiths, other metalworkers, and coin collectors and of horses and those who work with them.


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