For all those wishing to re engage and catch up with old mates past & present.

 The Spanner Club has now released dates for the following times for their long awaited return due to all this COVID.

 Venue - MAIL EXCHANGE Hotel (Corner of Bourke and Spencer)

 Times -  From 16:00 HRS onwards

 Dates - 

 Fri 19 Aug

 Fri 9 Sep

 Fri 14 Oct

 Fri 11 Nov

 Fri 9 Dec

 Looking forward to seeing you there.

For anyone that is wishing to participate in this years ANZAC Day march in Melbourne, please see the below links for both the form up areas and step off points along with the order of march for all units and services.

                                      Lest We Forget.




ANZAC Day - Order of March 2022 FINAL.pdf
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ANZAC Day Step Off Point Guide 2022.pdf
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                                                 RAEME Association Vic Inc

                                           GWS Community 2022 Car Raffle

                                                FLOOD RELIEF APPEAL



This year RAV Inc will again be taking part in the Gary @ Warren Smith Group / Waverley Rotary Club Community Car Raffle.

This year the Association will donate the proceeds for Lismore Flood Relief.

Please click on the below link to download the order form and help support the people of Lismore.


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Thanks from the President and Committee for your ongoing support.

                            Remembrance Day March 2022

From the President and all the committee, we would like to extend our warmest wishes for everybody.
We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy start to 2022.
All the best,
Arte et Marte
Harry Horse Xmas