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The items indicated below available for sale from the RAEME Association of Victoria Inc.
Large orders of 20 items or more attract a 20% discount.

Download an Order Form, complete the details and post (PDF) or email (Excel) it to the address given on the Order Form
or contact the Merchandising Manager via the "Contact Us" page.


Download the Order Form you require:

PDF (post) version

RAEME VIC Merchandise Form.2021.pdf
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18/01/2021 18:35:38

(Download, print, complete with pen and post to the postal address given on the Order Form)

 XLS (Excel) (email) version

RAEME VIC Merchandise Form.2021.xlsm
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18/01/2021 18:31:15

(Download, complete on-screen and email to merchandise member's address shown on the form)



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