Funny Stories - A Corps Publication From Members.

Key details for story drafting are as follows:
  • What we want. Funny Corps-related stories. They can come from any era and they don't have to be Workshop-based. It a Corps member was somehow involved, including as a witness, and if it makes you smile, we want to see it.
  • The golden rule. Stories do not have to be true; just believable! (But true is better)
  • Protaganist anonimity. We don't want to cause undue embarrassment to the innocent (or guilty) so no member should be easily identifiable. Use first names, nicknames or titles such as "Fred", "Davo" or "the new LT" etc. Current unit titles may also be generalised, eg "an Infantry Bn" or "an Engineer unit" but units that have been disbanded or renamed, eg "RTC" may be included.
  • Author anonimity. Unless requested otherwise, the names of all story authors will be listed in the rear of the book. The names of authors will not be linked to individual story names to allow a degree of separation - those who know, will know. If two or more people submit the same story, we will select the funniest version but we will name all authors.
  • Photos. To keep publication costs down, we don't intend to include photos in general but we may turn selected photos into sketches/cartoons if they add to the individual stories. Keep that in mind if you want to send us photos.
  • Word limit. 250 word limit (per story) preferred but this is not critical. Please don't include "extra" details unless they add to the funny part.
  • Writen style. You may send complete stories, part recollections or dot-points. We will work with whatever you send for inclusion.
Submission details are:
  • How to submit. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with "Funny Story" in the subject line.
  • Deadline. 01 Oct 2021 - but the sooner the better so we can begin the process.
Additional key details regarding the book are:
  • Title. A title for the book has not yet been chosen so suggestions are welcome. The first person who submits the chosen title will receive a free copy of the book.
  • Release date. Release is expected in tine for Christmas. 
  • Cost. TBA. This is to be determined by page count. The price will be kept as low as possible and all profits (if any) will be donated to a Corps or ex-service related charity.
  • Ordering details. To follow one the book is finalised.
Come on. Make us all laugh!


Sheff and Cookie
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