Spanner Club Gatherings for 2023


 For all those servicing and retired RAEME bethren that want to catch up with old mates past & present.

 The Spanner Club has dates for the 2023 schedule. As per below, every 2nd Friday of the month.

 Venue - MAIL EXCHANGE Hotel (Corner of Bourke and Spencer)


 Times -  From 16:00 HRS onwards

 Dates - 

                   January 13th & 27th

                   February 10th & 24th

                   March 10th & 24th

                   April 14th & 28th

                   May 12th & 26th

                   June 9th & 23rd

                   July 14th & 28th

                   August 11th & 25th

                   September 8th & 22nd

                  October 13th & 27th

                  November 10th & 24th

                  December 8th & 22nd

Please pass on the dates to all your retired and servicing mates to ensure we have a great turn out.

Membership Invitation

The RAEME Association of Victoria is looking to increase it's current membership numbers.

To ensure the association stays valid and operational, we are asking that those that are members, help distribute the membership form.

The association needs more current serving regular & reserve soldiers,sergeant, warrant officers & senior officers to become members,

setting the example for Junior Ranks to join.

If you wish to join the association, please click on the below PDF link and download the membership form.

Details for where to send your application are on the form also.

PDF Image

RAEME Assoc. VIC Membership Form



WO1 Rod (Blades) Gillett. Retd.

Art Radar & Tels.

Arte et Marte


RAEME Association VIC - Upcoming Committee Meeting

Please be advised that the next committee meeting is scheduled for the 3rd September 2022.

This will be held at the Clayton RSL @ 12:00HRS, for those that wish to attend.


Operation Grain Harvest Assist


                                                                                                                                      OPERATION GRAIN HARVEST ASSIST

                                                                                                                                                                    OUTLINE PLAN


The Problem

  • Australia is facing a chronic skilled farm labour shortage, following our international border closure and the nation’s hard border stance during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.
  • Our Grains sector is at risk of reputational harm and market failure especially from a lack of skilled heavy farm machinery operators as well as truck and other farm workers, who are central to the proper functioning of the entire grains supply chain. Potential losses on some farms could be many $millions, with $billions at risk on a national level.
  • Australia is at or close to the technical threshold of "full employment", putting the grains industry in the difficult situation of competing for workers in a very tight labour market, particularly with a booming mining economy that also requires workers with the same or similar skill sets.
  • The industry, initially in WA and Queensland, requires access to a suitable workforce by early mid-September 2021in preparation for the upcoming harvest season. The situation in most other States is similar, if slightly delayed as the grains in WA are the first due for harvesting. Please note the short lead time.
  • Australian broadacre agriculture urgently requires thousands of experienced heavy farm machinery operators and truck driversas well as a range of other trades.
  • It is vital to have these people, to ensure our grains sector remains globally competitive, and to avoid losing our markets to international competitors – this is a likely scenario if the required tonnages are unable to move into port to meet the needs of overseas markets.
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